More from the Snowies

A couple more pics from the weekend road trip around the Snowy Mountains. First up, Keeble’s Hut, taken not far from the previous photo. This used to be a private fishing hut/lodge for the Keeble family and their friends before the area was designated as  a National Park. Not a bad spot, eh ?

There is a good trout stream just behind me, and on the door of the hut you can see a life sized painting of a trout caught by one of the Keeble family ….unfortunately they rarely get to be that big nowadays !

Keeble's Hut, Geehi

On the other side of the Mountains lies the old Kiandra goldfields, where the miners searched for their elusive fortune, with only flimsy canvas shelters to protect them from the alpine weather. I’m sure they would have loved such a sturdy stone hut to live in !

Some found their fortune and moved on, some still remain there on the hillside of the old Kiandra cemetary:

Headstones in the old kiandra graveyard

Headstones in the old Kiandra cemetary

(converted with Topaz B&W Effects)

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