The wheels

My vehicle for this trip is a Toyota Hilux ute, a 4WD 1995 dual cab diesel version. I’ve had this since 2000 …I believe in getting my money’s worth out of a car, LOL. I did think of updating it for this trip, but decided to stick with what I had. The beauty of these older Hiluxes is their simplicity … no fancy electronics or hi-tech mechanical bits, as long as you change the oil on schedule and don’t thrash it they just keep plodding along. Mine has just ticked over 350,000kms and still runs well. It’s not fast, nor fancy, but it is reliable, which is what counts out in the middle of nowhere !
(uhmm…hope I have not jinxed myself now )
And if it were to break down any bush mechanic could fix it, while newer ones might need an expensive tow to a Toyota dealer so they can be hooked up to a computer for diagnosis.
A lot of people spend a lot of money adding fancy bits and pieces to their vehicle before they set off on a trip like this, but I’m a believer in the KISS principle …Keep It Simple, Stupid ! I have fitted a snorkel and bullbar which are commonsense additions, a dual battery system to run the 12v fridge and camp lights, replaced the standard springs and shocks with an Ironman kit with a set of Polyair air-bags on the rear springs to help level it up with the full load of camping gear aboard. I do carry an extra spare tyre, just in case, but I’ve never had to use it …so far.

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