Hostel review : Collaroy Beach YHA, Sydney

Just a quick review of the YHA hostel at Collaroy Beach, on Sydney’s northern beaches, where I stayed for a couple of weeks. It’s in a great location, just over the road from the beach, so it is very popular during the warmer weather. Perhaps a bit too popular, as it was very crowded at times, to the extent that just before I left they turned a TV lounge into an 8 bed dorm. I think that is perhaps going a bit too far ?
It seems to get 3 sorts of guests : group bookings from sporting and youth groups, long term residents, and newbies “just off the plane’ who have not yet learnt hostel etiquette about cleaning up after yourself ! Guys, you are not at home anymore, your mother is not here to clean up after you ! When the hostel is full it is not nice to have to eat at a table covered in other peoples’ mess. OK, whinge over …..
My room had 6 beds in it, but only 4 of us in there, it would be too crowded with all the beds in use. The kitchen was OK, just big enough most of the time (and if you did not want to cook there were plenty of restaurants close by).
A lot of the long term residents were working, and had their own cars, so parking was a bit tight sometimes but at least it has a car park, which is more than you can say about most city hostels.
There is a swimming pool, games room, tv lounge, they also have bikes and surfboards available.
So all in all, I would give it 7/10.
Some more pics :

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