1G1 7Hotel, Tachileik

While the rooms are nice and the wifi is fast, that’s about all this place has going for it. It has regular all night entertainment, which can be heard throughout the hotel, until dawn as this place mainly caters for Thai and Chinese tourists visiting Tachileik for the casinos and other vices they cannot get at home. It is quite expensive for Myanmar, and with an inconvenient location there are better options in town.

Best to stay elsewhere.

Date of stay : September 2016

How much ? : 1350 baht

What’s to see nearby ? :

The Shwedagon pagoda is a walkable distance from the hotel, but for most people it’s probably a bit too far into town to see the (in)famous Tachileik market, which is n’t quite the “Wild West” place it once was anyway. If you do want to go into town best to get the doorman to ring up a samlor (tuktuk).


View from front room window, Shwedagon pagoda on right