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After a busy morning spent tidying the garden, and sorting out definite household rubbish to be thrown out now from mere probable rubbish (that will get thrown out later) and potential garage sale material (that will get thrown out if it does n’t sell), and taking the consequent 2 loads of said rubbish to the garbage tip, I rewarded myself with  chocolate and a can of Coke and decided to spend 15 minutes or so on the ‘net. 3 hours later, I’m still here ……

Nothing much new on the usual blogs and websites I read, but I did discover a few new ones to read, in particular and , both worth looking at if you are interested in Thailand or expat life.

Claire at “Bangkok I love you” talked about stuff she had left at home : “We store all these mementos that will sit for years in boxes and when we finally pull them out we feel nostalgic for about ten minutes then forget about them again.” (  I’ve accumulated many souvenirs and sentimental momentoes over the years, but I will not have room to take them with me when I eventually move to Thailand, and nobody to leave them with, so out they are going……

Willy at Krungthep 101 is a keen photographer like myself, so I was interested to see his take on some familiar places. He also has some posts on some rather unusual attractions … check out thePapaya vintage shop story ! ( )

My own photography will have to take a short break, as my D7000 has to go into the Nikon service for a sensor clean. I do have several hundred slides to look through, scanning some of them into digital memories. They are mainly from my trips to Nepal and India, and I am loath to completely discard those memories. Of course there is always the other option, that of going back again, with a digital camera this time ……

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A recently retired "Baby Boomer" , looking forward to having more time for my photography and travel.
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