One day to go ….

Tomorrow, Friday 7th, will be my last day at work. I had hoped to sneak away quietly without any fuss, but my boss has organised a farewell for me. I threatened to just take a sickie tomorrow (I do have 223 sick days credited to me!) but to no avail, I just hope she does n’t expect me to make much of a speech, that’s not my thing.
I have n’t really got time for that sort of crap tomorrow morning either, got lots to do in the morning !
Been really busy lately, racing around getting all my personal stuff done, fixing up my ute for the trip. One of the girls from work bought a lot of my gear the other day, so I quickly spent the money getting the aircon serviced, and the windows tinted…..going to make the summer driving a lot more pleasant !
The final garage sale will be on Saturday, so I’ve been cleaning up my garden tools, the lawnmower, and some empty plant pots…the garden is on it’s own from now until I move out. It really is amazing how much junk you can accumulate without noticing it, there seems to be an endless supply of odds and ends that I had not used, or even seen, for a long time.
And to think that I spent most of my 20 years in the army living in barracks , in a small room, smaller than just one bedroom of this house. Now I have to reduce my wordly possessions down to what will fit into the ute. After the essentials such as camping gear(tent, stove, food,12v fridge, etc), laptop, camera gear and a few guidebooks there might be space for 2 bags of clothes ! So anything else gets sold or thrown out……

About Mike

A recently retired "Baby Boomer" , looking forward to having more time for my photography and travel.
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  1. Lanette says:

    Great post, really enjoyed it!
    — Lanette


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