A taste of Thailand in Sydney.

I’ve spent the last couple of days in Sydney before flying to Bangkok tomorrow, staying at the Sydney Central YHA. Anyone familiar with Sydney would know that there has been a Chinatown district for decades, and various other Asian restaurants nearby over the years, including some Thai restaurants that have come and gone. There are a couple of blocks on lower Pitt St. that have grown into a mini Thaitown lately, and walking down it at night it smelled more like Bangkok than Sydney !
Thumbs up to “Saap Thai” for a couple of great meals ! It will never get any awards for decor, not with cheap tables and slightly wonky chairs, but if you want good Thai food at a cheap price, it’s a place to try. On Friday night I was the only Caucasian in there, every other table had Thais enjoying some authentic food.
On the other hand, I cannot be so enthusiastic about “Muay Thai” …lets just say that I would n’t have the Panang Chicken there again. Unlike “Saap Thai” this place had no asian faces in it, which must say something I suppose ?

Talking of asian faces, I did wonder a couple of times what Pauline Hanson would have thought walking along lower Pitt street nowadays. The area has always been popular with Asian students studying at English language schools, but with Thaitown, Chinatown, plus Japanese and korean restaurants and shops around, it is even more popular nowadays. I think you could see more “white” faces on Sukhumvit Rd, Bankok, than on Pitt St, Sydney, yet in Chinatown there are always plenty of “white” faces crowding into the chinese restaurants and grocers. Thai food is very popular here, so why are n’t there more people in the restaurants in Thai town ? Perhaps they should put in a few spirit houses or shrines to create more of an atmosphere like they have in Chinatown ?

Rather than pay the extortionate parking fees at and near the airport I left my ute in storage in Newcastle while I’m over overseas and caught the train down to Sydney. What are the chances of somebody in the office there being on the same flight ? Rather unlikely I would have thought, but yes, one of the guys in the office was not only going to Bangkok, in the low season, but flying with the same airline on the same flight ! I wonder if he has booked into the same hotel as me ? Surely it cannot be that small a world, can it ?

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A recently retired "Baby Boomer" , looking forward to having more time for my photography and travel.
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