Karajini National Park

I had been looking forward to visiting Karajini National Park for some time, after all the reports I had heard of it on the travellers’ grapevine, unfortunately the weather gods did not share my enthusiasm. It is supposed to be the dry season now, and it “never” rains then, or so the tourism brochures claim….not so, it was overcast and raining when I was at Karajini, which was not too good for photos unfortunately.

Circular Pool, Dales Gorge

Circular Pool, Dales Gorge

The weather did not stop some people from having a swim though, I bet the water was cold down there without any sun !
karajini-9          karajini-8


karajini-6   karajini-4

karajini-3  karajini-5
The most spectacular lookout was at “Oxers Lookout”, where 3 gorges join into a fourth, it looks like the earth just split apart into deep cracks ! If anybody is travelling through the Pilbarra then this park is well worth a visit, I hope you have better luck with the weather though !
On the positive side, the Visitor Centre and the main campground at Dale’s Gorge were top-class. Although it is a big campground the campsites are spread out nicely so you do not see or hear much of your neighbours. By coincidence I was camped next to Paul and Angela that I had met some time earlier at Hutt River.
When I left it seemed as if the weather might be improving as I headed for Millstream-Chichester Park but no such luck, once I had set up my tent the rain started coming down and did not stop for 24 hours. A look through the Visitor Centre at the old homestead was interesting but that was about all I saw, it was just so cold and wet I thought I was about 2000kms further south !
So it was back into the ute, and back on the road, heading for Broome via Karratha and Port Hedland, and hopefully some real dry season weather ….

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