Joy to the world

lights-24 lights-18 As Thailand is a Buddhist country, they do not really celebrate Christmas and the main holiday is New Year. So Christmas Day is just another working day here, but there will be 2 public holidays for New Years Eve, plus New Years Day. But that does not stop Thais from putting up Christmas trees everywhere ! Very few would be able to tell you why there is a star on top though, and if you asked why December 25 was special, some might say “that’s when Santa Claus comes”. They love pretty lights though, so Bangkok is lit up for the countdown to New Year. The current political situation is forgotten for a while as they flock to places like CentralWorld mall and other shopping centres to take photos every evening.

Apparently Bangkok has the highest number of Facebook users of any city in the world, and the Facebook servers must be near meltdown every night as people update their pages with pretty pictures !
Don’t even think about getting any pictures without people in them, unless you stick to close-ups.

Pretty girls everywhere waiting to be photographed !

Pretty girls everywhere waiting to be photographed !

On the other hand, there are lots of pretty girls around to be photographed ! Many Thai girls love a camera pointed at them, so there were several posing for the photographers present, even if they did n’t know you. Can you imagine what would happen if you started taking photos of some guy’s girlfriend back home, telling her to do this, do that …
I did recognise a couple of the girls from the cosplay I photographed a little while back, they had swapped Japanese anime costumes for Santa outfits but still as extrovert !
I might post some more of the pretty girls soon, but for now here are the pretty lights :

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4 Responses to Joy to the world

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  2. Nia Simone says:

    Love the photos! Funny, I was just telling my husband non-Christians can decorate for Christmas too, and here you are, showing us these fabulous festive decorations!


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