A justifiable case of G.A.S.

I mentioned a few days ago that I was going to take advantage of the post-Songkran sales here in Bangkok to do some shopping.
I also mentioned that eventually I wanted to get a water-proof housing for my “retired” camera, and commented that camera gear should come with an addiction warning.
drycabinet-1 Well, I bought the new running shoes I was after, but also ended up buying more photographic equipment ! But I think I can honestly tell myself this was a justifiable, even necessary, case of G.A.S. ….aka Gear Acquisition Syndrome.
During the wet season Bangkok often has a humidity of 75% or more, which can quickly lead to fungus growing inside a camera lens, or viewfinder. So a dry cabinet is an essential piece of equipment if you want to keep your expensive photo gear in good condition, and most of the good camera shops here are well stocked with them now, in the lead-up to the rainy season.
They come in various sizes, from 50 litre up to a whopping 210 litre …imagine the camera gear you would need to fill that !
After getting a 60% discount on the new shoes, and seeing the prices of dry cabinets I decided it was time to buy one. After handing over 7000 baht (approx. $230 ) I was the owner of a 90L “Ailite” dry cabinet. drycabinet-2 That was the easy part, finding a taxi to get it home from MBK to On Nut was the hardest ….eventually I found somebody who would take me for an exorbitant 200 baht (only $7 but twice the proper fare!)
The 90L capacity is big enough for 2 DSLR bodies, many (too many?) lens, my GoPro and a small video camera with room to spare. It is chinese-made but the brand has a decent reputation according to everybody I asked, it is the most common brand, but not the cheapest sold here, so they must be Ok.
I’ve got it set at 45% RH, which it only varies from when I open the door and the reading quickly climbs to 60% or more.
My only complaint about it is that it has a very bright LED-lit “Ailite” brand name on the front, and as I have it in my bedroom it lights up the room at night ! I’m going to have to cover that up with gaffer tape or something, LOL.

About Mike

A recently retired "Baby Boomer" , looking forward to having more time for my photography and travel.
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