More cosplay …..

Rock'n roll schoolgirl

Rock’n roll schoolgirl

Just a few more photos from the cosplay on the weekend ! I’ve been playing around in Photoshop with some of them, including the one on the left. As the event was held at a busy shopping mall sometimes people walked through the scene just at the wrong moment so I’ve been doing a bit of blurring backgrounds etc.
I’m certainly no expert at Photoshop, as you can probably tell, but it’s fun to play around with it sometimes.
cosplayCWmay2014-23 Some of the cosplayers, especially the girls, must put an awful lot of time, effort, and probably money into their costumes. Somebody asked me if I only took photos of the girls ….no, I did take some photos of the guys but most of their costumes were rather boring. And I think at least one of the female characters is not female, which is not unusual here ! I saw one of them putting the final touches of makeup on, they looked rather masculine.
If anybody is interested, there is a local guy here, Nathalang, who makes some pretty good videos of the cosplay events which you can check out on youtube here

I think there is another event on this weekend, but the website is in Thai (naturally) and Google translate is not very clear on details so I might go along just on spec …hey, I’m retired with nothing else to do ! LOL

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  1. PaperbackDiva says:

    Absolutely adorable! Well done.


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