Shopping mall or Starship ?

malls-3 One thing that Bangkok is not short of is shopping malls, there must be dozens of mega sized malls in this city, but that does not stop developers putting up more. One of the latest is Central Embassy, which is supposed to be the most upmarket of them all, full of all the high end brand names.
Well, I was downtown the other day so I popped in for a look …just a look as I’m not the Gucci/Ralph Lauren/Versace kind of guy 🙂 You could have fired a shotgun down most of the floors and not hit anybody, that’s how empty the place was.
In all the shops I glanced into, there were maybe half a dozen with customers. Most of the staff were playing with their phones or touching up their hair and makeup, I don’t know how the shops would pay their way. I guess they must have a big mark-up !
malls-1 Design wise the interior is quite striking, very sci-fi in some ways, but I did notice that the white floor was already badly scuffed and off colour just a few weeks after opening … they cannot have had that much foot traffic so they must have used cheap and nasty flooring which does n’t quite match the image they are trying to project. I cannot see myself ever buying anything in there but at least it filled in an hour or so while I wandered around and took a few photos. And like all Bangkok malls, it is air-conditioned to Antartic temperatures which is a nice respite from the rainy season humidity.
Of course, it had to rain just as I left the building ! Luckily I had got an exterior shot of another nearby mall beforehand, I only brought my camera because I had seen it before and thought it might be a decent black and white shot.

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