Only in Thailand ….

There a bit of fuss in the social media here in Bangkok over a youtube video which shows an argument between a middle-aged lady, a katoey (ladyboy) and a “tom” (butch lesbian). The woman did n’t like the way the tom was kissing and cuddling her girlfriend on the Skytrain (elevated light rail system). The tom politely told her to mind her own business, and then a ladyboy joins in and also tells the girls that sort of behaviour is ‘wrong” here in Thailand !

OK, so this country is still fairly conservative and you don’t see Thai heterosexual couples kissing in public, so 2 lesbians cuddling might be too much for some. But seriously, a ladyboy talking morality ? Only in Thailand. 🙂

In other news, I’m off to Laos tomorrow on a visa run. I’ve been to Vientianne several times before, to get my ED visa  and just as a tourist over the years so this time  I’m heading for Savannakhet , which is by all reports a sleepy little town on the other side of the Mekong, with a same day visa service at the Thai consulate 🙂

Yesterday was Loy Krathong so I took my lady friend down to a local park to do the Krathong routine in the evening. It should be romantic, with decorated little floats of flowers, candles and incense, but it was so crowded you could hardly get near the waterside. Last year was much more pleasant. She was a bit disappointed, apparently up home in Issaan is a lot better …. maybe next year dear.

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  1. You’re getting an Erctile dysfunction visa ? Only in Thailand


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