Have you ever eaten a tiger ?

For anybody who has lived in or visited Sydney, have you ever eaten a “tiger” ?

No, not the big cat but a “tiger” from the famous Harry’s Café de Wheels pie cart.


A "tiger" ready to eat !
A “tiger” ready to eat !

“Tiger” was the nickname of Harry, the original owner way back in 1945 , and which has been given to his culinary masterpiece of a meat pie topped with mashed potato, mushy peas and then gravy. All served on a plastic plate, and eaten with a plastic fork.

It may not be haute cuisine, but it certainly tasted good !

And what’s more, the pie was actually full of tender chunks of beef, not mince and gravy like you find in the big commercial brands of takeaway pies.

harrys-2Harry’s has been an institution of Sydney since 1945, the original location near the naval base, down from the Cross, still has a van there but there is also another in the city, and a small shop too.

harrys-3In the old days Harry’s was only open at night until dawn, and served everybody from drunken sailors heading back to their ship, or working girls from the Cross, up to high society folks on their way home. Over the years many famous visitors have eaten there …movie stars, singers, famous chefs, even Colonel Sanders !

When I ate there today there were many Asian tourists sampling this legendary Aussie delicacy, I don’t know what they thought of it though !

At $7.50 for a meal of meat and two veg I reckon it was pretty good value, and very tasty too. Definitely recommended if you are visiting Sydney !

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1 Response to Have you ever eaten a tiger ?

  1. I actually thought you meant a real tiger. I’ll have to try this if I’m ever in Sydney.


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