Surrounded by temptations


No, not that sort of temptations !


This sort of temptation, at the Bangkok PhotoFair 2016. I went out to the BITEC exhibition centre today just for a look and something to do, I was not planning on buying anything except perhaps a memory card or two for our trip to Hong Kong tomorrow, as I do plan on taking lots of photos !

But just in case I weakened the GF came along to keep me in restraint, although she soon got bored and sore feet.             “OK dear, go and have a coffee while I look around”

When I win the lottery perhaps I could afford 1.47 million baht for a Hasselblad camera, until then I will stick to mere Nikons….I wonder how many they sell at that price ?


I was looking for anybody that might sell motorised sliders for timelapse photography, more out of idle interest than any serious thoughts of buying one, but none were to be seen. The busiest stalls were a couple that were selling framed pictures of the late King, others were busy but not crowded.

This was one of the busiest :


I wonder why ?

Anyway, time to pack for our Hong Kong trip…..see ya.

About Mike

A recently retired "Baby Boomer" , looking forward to having more time for my photography and travel.
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