Cosplay @ Japan Expo 2017

japanexpo2017-13As I mentioned yesterday, the Japan Expo 2017 was held at one of the large shopping malls in central Bangkok over the weekend. Japan is a popular tourist destination for middle class Thais, and anything Japanese related is popular with the young hip generation …J-pop, J-food, J-fashion etc.

Inside the mall itself were many tourism related stalls, drumming up business for hotels, tour agencies, Japan Railways, etc while outside were lots of Japanese food stalls doing a roaring trade and a couple of stages for the entertainment….most of it seemed to be cover bands lip-synching from what I saw, but doing a pretty good job of it.

And wandering all around were hundreds of cosplayers dressed up as who knows what !

(as usual, click to see a larger version )

japanexpo2017-10 I have no idea who or what they are supposed to be in their costumes, but most of them were more than willing to pose for all the photographers and casual passers-by.

I guess you have to be quite an extrovert to go out dressed like they do !

This girl in particular really knew how to work the camera, perhaps she has done some modelling sometime or perhaps she is just a natural, but I’m sure there were more photos taken of her than anybody else. At times there were twenty or more photographers jostling to get a clear shot of her. Her being good looking and wearing a fairly skimpy outfit probably had something to do with that too ! 🙂


With those shoes I would want to sit down too !


If anybody wants to see more photos, or larger versions of these, then my pBase gallery is right here !

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