Bangkok Motor Show 2018


I’ve coped perfectly well without a car while living in Bangkok, but when we move upcountry to Ubon it will be a different matter, so last week I went out to the Motor Show at Impact Arena to check out some of the pickups, especially the Toyota Hilux. Unfortunately I was n’t aware that the day I went was to be a public holiday, so the place was packed, with people queued up to see the most popular vehicles. And none of the staff seemed interested in talking to the farang , so the trip was a bit of a waste of time.

The only stands where you could actually see the cars were the luxury brands, but a Rolls is out of my league. Don’t think I would be able to get it serviced in an Issaan village either 😦

There were a number of electric vehicles there :

And these cool electric bikes, complete with fake engine casings :

Honestly, I did go to look at the cars, but as usual there were plenty of “pretties” to decorate the stands, although most were not displaying as much silicon enhanced cleavage as usual.

So I thought, I may as well join the crowd of photographers :



And then out the back of the exhibition hall was the car audio show:

Complete with 4-wheeled ghetto blasters and coyotes :

The “music” was about 100 decibels too loud for me so I soon retreated back inside 🙂

So, not a very productive trip in terms of car research, but the entry fee was only 100baht so at least it was a cheap day out.

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A recently retired "Baby Boomer" , looking forward to having more time for my photography and travel.
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