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At our local wat

Just a couple of phone photos from my morning walk out to a local forest wat, where they have a large number of adenium (aka Desert Rose) and other plants potted around a large chedi.

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Sai Sin, the lucky white string

In Thailand you often see a white cord tied around a person’s wrist, or tied to a new building, or a new car ! This is a form of blessing, wishing for good fortune in the future. The other night … Continue reading

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Happy New Year

Wishing everybody a Happy New Year for 2020, ….or for those in Thailand “Sawadee Pii Mai 2563” / สวัสดีปีใหม่. (Thailand has it’s own B.E. or Buddhist Era calendar, several hundred years ahead of most of the world) A short video … Continue reading

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Our rental house has no garden, just a concrete slab upon which I have a few potted plants to break up the greyness. The nearest thing to a real garden is the narrow piece of dirt  between our front wall … Continue reading

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Rather him than me ….

This is the old, traditional method of growing the young rice densely in a nursery paddy, which can be kept well watered, then transplanting them out into the main paddies when the rains arrive. Continue reading

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Life and death on the lounge room floor

Came home yesterday evening to find this just inside the front door. The snake (a Golden Tree Snake?) is only about as thick as a finger but had swallowed this small lizard whole. The lizard was not dead though, it … Continue reading

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