Muay Thai action.


HaHa, you missed.


But I will not !

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Bangkok Motor Show 2018


I’ve coped perfectly well without a car while living in Bangkok, but when we move upcountry to Ubon it will be a different matter, so last week I went out to the Motor Show at Impact Arena to check out some of the pickups, especially the Toyota Hilux. Unfortunately I was n’t aware that the day I went was to be a public holiday, so the place was packed, with people queued up to see the most popular vehicles. And none of the staff seemed interested in talking to the farang , so the trip was a bit of a waste of time.

The only stands where you could actually see the cars were the luxury brands, but a Rolls is out of my league. Don’t think I would be able to get it serviced in an Issaan village either 😦

There were a number of electric vehicles there :

And these cool electric bikes, complete with fake engine casings :

Honestly, I did go to look at the cars, but as usual there were plenty of “pretties” to decorate the stands, although most were not displaying as much silicon enhanced cleavage as usual.

So I thought, I may as well join the crowd of photographers :



And then out the back of the exhibition hall was the car audio show:

Complete with 4-wheeled ghetto blasters and coyotes :

The “music” was about 100 decibels too loud for me so I soon retreated back inside 🙂

So, not a very productive trip in terms of car research, but the entry fee was only 100baht so at least it was a cheap day out.

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Something fishy…


Time to bore you all with some underwater photos from the live-aboard snorkelling trip to the Similan Islands 🙂

(as always, clicking on the small photo will give you a larger picture)

For the technically curious, all photos were taken with a Canon G7X Mk2, in a Fantasea housing, using shutter priority program usually set at 1/250sec.


This is 4th or 5th time I’ve done the trip with Similan Tours, I’ve lost count 🙂


This was the biggest Giant Moray I’ve ever seen.

It’s a 3 day/2 night trip on their converted fishing boat, not as luxurious as most of the dive boats but comfortable enough and also a lot cheaper !

We saw this turtle from the top deck while having breakfast but then it swam away into the distance. A little later I was just about to slide into the water when I looked down and saw it right underneath me. Everybody quickly kitted up to get a better look and it obliged by swimming laps around the boat until it got bored with us and sped away …..for something that looks so slow and clumsy turtles can really move when they want to !

That will probably be my last snorkelling trip for a couple of years as my girlfriend and I are planning on building a house later this year, if the Aussie dollar does n’t sink any more…… That will keep us busy next dry season, we will not be able to go away and leave the builders unsupervised. Well, we could but the builders might not follow the plans and we end up with something like this …. upsidedownhouse

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Review: Poseidon Bungalows, Khao Lak

As I mentioned in my last post I have been down south to Khao Lak and out to the Similan Islands, so here’s just a quick review of where I stayed before and after the boat trip. This was actually the 4th or 5th time that I have stayed at Poseidon so you can guess that this is going to be a positive report ?poseidon_review-4

The bungalows about 6kms from the main town and resort of Khao Lak, located rather nicely on a small river and next to a secluded beach.

The bungalows are a mix of old style wooden ones for 2 people, and newer concrete places for 2-4 people. I prefer the wooden ones, much better view :

All have a western style bathroom with hot and cold water, a fan and plenty of electrical sockets. All in all, very comfortable for a few days stay.

Prices range from 950 baht up to 1750 for the biggest (as at March 2018).
One downside for some people, those who need 24/7 connectivity, such as my girlfriend for her Facebook addiction, might be disappointed the free wifi is only available in the restaurant area 😦

Speaking about the restaurant, the food is really good, much better than most bungalow food …the Massaman Chicken is aroi maak (really good). The menu range is not huge, but has a mix of enough Thai and western food for most people.

Similan Tours also operates their snorkelling trips out to the islands from here so it is convenient for the 7am start for the boat trip 🙂


If you do want a change from their restaurant, there is a rather nice place down on the beach for sunset cocktails and dinner, best to take a torch with you though as the steps are dark and steep …especially after a few too many cocktails !

where are they ?,98.2422969,18z/data=!3m1!1e3

I fly to Phuket and then get a taxi to Khao Lak (1200 baht, book through Poseidon) but you could also get a bus there….not the most convenient if you have a lot of luggage, or kids tagging along. There is a map and directions on their website at


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Beauty with a sting

The beautiful, but venomous, Lionfish :

Snorkel_Similans_Mar2018-16 I’ve been away down at Khao Lak, near Phuket, for a week and took a live-aboard snorkelling trip out to the Similan Islands for 3 days/2 nights. Still have lots of photos to sort through, but just a couple for you now 🙂


A colony of lionfish, 6 altogether. With a poisonous sting in their spines you have to be careful !

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© 2018 Michael Nottingham© 2018 Michael Nottingham

Closed for the holiday ! A couple of images from the “Bangkok Photographers” Facebook group walk through Chinatown, just after Chinese New Year.

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