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Well, the garage sale went OK, managed to get rid of nearly everything saleable ! I managed to sell about half my orchids, so i will give some away to the neighbour, who also grows a few. I also talked to the guy who has bought my place, who said that his girlfriend is a keen gardener so I may as well just leave the few remaining plants for her ….better than just throwing them away !
Talking of which, I made another trip to the garbage dump with a ute-load of stuff …I might only have one load to go ! I’m finding stuff that I have n’t seen on ages, let alone used.
I’ve also been working on my ute, getting it ready for when I head off next week, I’ve given it a full lube and added some extra power sockets to run all the electrical gizmos. Previously I had the sat-nav, the fridge,my phone charger, my ipod and the charger for my camera running off a triple adaptor plugged into the cigarette lighter (obviously not all at the same time!) Having all the cords like that was looking rather messy, so I have added another double socket under the glovebox (for the sat-nav and ipod), another double socket on the back of the cab interior for the fridge and for my laptop adapter (wired to the auxillary battery) plus another socket in the tray (also running off the extra battery) which I can use for a light or whatever when camping. I did consider getting a 12/240v inverter to charge the laptop, camera, etc but decided not to, as I already had 12v chargers for nearly everything.
Although I actually finished work on Friday, I had to go back today to hand some keys in, and timed it perfectly to go the boss’s Xmas drinks …first time I’ve actually been able to go, as usually I have already left on leave by now. Half the people I talked to could n’t understand how I could “throw everything in to go travelling”, and the other half wished it was them who had the courage to do what I am doing.

About Mike

A recently retired "Baby Boomer" , looking forward to having more time for my photography and travel.
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