Ready to roll ….

My bags are packed, the ute is loaded, all that’s left to do is tie my swag on the back, a last quick clean-up and then hand the keys to the real estate agent before settlement at midday tomorrow. The settlement was originally on Wednesday, but changed for some reason. it seems the buyers were n’t told that though, they (and the agent) thought it was still Wednesday until I mentioned it today.
The ute is absolutely packed full, inside and out. No doubt there will be gear that hardly gets used, so I will whittle it down as time goes by. Because I am heading down to the Snowies and the Victorian High Country I am taking some cold weather gear, even in summer it can get cold down there. I remember driving from Geehi over Dead Horse Gap into Jindabyne to watch the annual rodeo on Boxing Day on 2 consecutive years where it was snowing !(It’s the middle of summer then here in australia) Once I finish down there, and start heading north I will be able to dump most of that cold weather gear.
I’m also hoping to do some overnight hikes while I’m down there so I’ve got my big backpack, my small hiking tent and other similar odds and ends taking up space. I’ll only be doing day walks later in the trip, so i will be able to unload more gear then.
Until that happens though, it’s going to be a slow drive in the old Hilux ! The old 2.8 diesel Hilux was never considered quick at the best of times, and it is going to be slowly chugging up the hills with this load in it. But so what, it’s not like I have a schedule to keep any more, is it ? It’s going to interesting to see the fuel consumption though, I’m sure that won’t be too good ….

About Mike

A recently retired "Baby Boomer" , looking forward to having more time for my photography and travel.
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