Latitude S 36 22 07.8 E 148 10 31 …attitude laidback !

How's the view from your laptop ?

How’s the view from your laptop ?

How was your Christmas ? Mine was spent lazing by the riverside, mostly in my hammock. To be frank, Xmas does n’t mean anything to me. For years I have spent Xmas overseas, and Xmas lunch has usually been rice or noodles. This is the first time I have had Xmas in Australia for about 12 years or more.
After my last post I had a quick trip through Sydney and camped overnight just off the highway near Exeter. Then on to Cooma, with a quick stop in Canberra. The weather wasn’t very pleasant so I did n’t stop long, just long enough to take a few tourist photos. I did try something different with my fisheye lens but I have n’t got around to editing them yet ..been too busy doing nothing ! Lashed out on a motel in Cooma, just for a change, but at that price ($90) it won’t be happening too often. The cost was probably higher because it’s holiday season, but whenever I pay that much for a motel room I think back to the hotel rooms I have had in Asia….better quality and service for a third of the price.
Anyway, then on through Jindabyne to my alltime favourite camp spot at Geehi. It’s a bit crowded now but I managed to find this spot by the river….not too bad, eh ?

Riverside camping

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