Homeless, unemployed, and loving it..

how's the view from your laptop ?

how’s the view from your laptop ?

The settlement went through on Tuesday, the money is in my bank account, and life is sweet. The only thing that went wrong is that my pay office stuffed up my final pay, they did n’t give me my leave payout. They were very apologetic when i rang up to complain, and promised they would get right on to it …yeah, sure they will. With most of the admin staff on Xmas leave I cannot see me getting it before the next usual pay period in 2 weeks time. I bet none of their pay is ever wrong !

I half expected something to go wrong, so I decided not to venture too far for the first couple of days, just in case. I’ve spent a couple of days up in the Barrington Tops, and now I’ve moved on and will be camping in the Watagans tonight. For anybody who might read this and be thinking of camping in the Barrington Tops National Park, don’t. Camp in the State Forest adjacent to the park. Even if you have an all parks entry permit like I do, the NPWS has the nerve to charge people $10/5 to camp in a bare, basic bush site with just fireplaces (but don’t collect firewood!) and no toilets,no water, no view,nothing, while NSW State Forests have campsites right outside the Nat. Park that have toilets, fireplaces and firewood available to collect, right on the riverbanks, for NOTHING !
“Home” tonight will be in another State Forests campsite, at the spot in the picture above…time to get the fire going and cook up some steak and vegies (and open a coldie).

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A recently retired "Baby Boomer" , looking forward to having more time for my photography and travel.
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