A trip to Beagle Bay Mission

Sacred Heart Church, Beagle Bay

Sacred Heart Church, Beagle Bay

About 100kms from Broome, on the Dampier Peninsula, is Beagle Bay. At the Aboriginal community there is a church built by German missionaries in 1917, replacing one built in 1896 by French monks sent out as missionaries. During World War 1, instead of being interned the German missionaries were placed under house arrest so they could build the church. The building and altars are decorated with mother of pearl and shells from local beaches, in traditional Christian and local aboriginal motifs.

Pearl shell around the windows

Pearl shell around the windows

I don’t know when my next post will be, as I am off tomorrow, heading first to Geike Gorge, then Tunnel Creek and Windjanna Gorge, then along the Gibb River Road to Wyndham and Kununarra. The Gibb River road is one of the great 4WD trips of Australia, so I am looking forward to that. From reports I’ve heard it is in good condition nowadays, having been graded quite often this year. We will see ….
It will take at least 7 or 8 days to get to Kununarra I think, depending on how many photo stops I make ! So stay tuned ….

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