The Bangkok Motor Show 2014

Did you read the recent WordPress “Daily Post” about trigger warnings? Perhaps I should put one in here ?
Last week I went to the Bangkok Motor Show, at least that is what the sign outside said but it could have been a cosmetic surgery expo judging by the amount of surgically enhanced noses and silicone filled cleavage inside the exhibition hall !
motorshow-7 I know that Motor Shows back in Australia stopped having pretty girls draped over the cars long ago, I assume most of the world has too, but not Thailand. They love to have “pretties” at any expo, but especially a car show. There were even a few a my local supermarket last night to try and sell some new products. I don’t know why you need a pretty girl in a short tight dress to sell yoghurt, but T.I.T. …This Is Thailand.

Jaguar F-type

Jaguar F-type

There were a few cars without girls, such as the Jaguar F-type …that would not need any help to sell !
I hate to think what the price tag would have been though.
The “pretties” did n’t bother trying to sell the boring family cars of course, but they were always full of mums and dads so I could n’t take photos of those either.
So I had to settle for photos with girls in them ….
If you’ve got this far I guess you have read the warning anyway, so here are the cars, motorbikes (and girls) :


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