Just a few more Songkran photos

Wet and wild at CentralWorld

Wet and wild at CentralWorld

Well Songkran is over for another year, although today is yet another public holiday. (Then it’s about 2 weeks to the next public holiday here, but then there are 3 within 2 weeks …how does anything get done here ? LOL)
As there are only 2 working days this week (Thursday & Friday) many businesses will stay closed until next week but a lot of the malls have holiday specials on, so I’m off shopping later …now I can get any purchases home dry !
One thing that I do want to buy before next year is a waterproof housing for a DSLR, something like the Ewa Marine plastic housings.
Ewa Marine housing I saw a couple of people using them this year, and apparently they are good enough to go snorkelling with so they should be splashproof enough for Songkran ! But I think I would stick to using my “retired” D7000, just in case.
I’ve been disappointed with the pics from the Panasonic Lumix, I’ve got a GoPro too which gets better images but it only has a fixed wide angle lens, unlike the Panasonic’s zoom.
Do you think photographic items should come with a wealth and/or addiction warning ?
Anyway here are a few more photos:

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A recently retired "Baby Boomer" , looking forward to having more time for my photography and travel.
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