Fight night ….Muay Thai at MBK

muaythai-25 Every Wednesday evening during the dry season there are Muay Thai (thai kickboxing) fights outside the MBK shopping mall. While the fighters may not be up to the same skill standards as those at Ratchadamnoen Stadium they don’t seem to lack anything in desire so it is still worth watching.
And it’s free, unlike at Ratchadamnoen where foreigners are coerced into buying the most expensive seats at 2000baht each !
There are usually at least a couple of farang fighters, and a female bout too.
muaythai6 (2)
It’s not the easiest to photograph, the action is fast and furious ! Even using auto ISO up to 1600, and a wide aperture of f2 or f2.8 it was impossible to avoid motion blur, but I figure blurred hands and feet will show the speed ? And of course, those sort of apertures don’t give much depth of field either.
Next time I’ll get there even earlier to get a better spot, but I did manage to work my way into a ringside position halfway through the evening. But I did have to work for it, as some of the fighters only had their trainers and seconds with them, and nobody to lift the fighter’s stool in and out of the ring …that became my job at the end of each round !

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3 Responses to Fight night ….Muay Thai at MBK

  1. This ring is free entry costs. I recommend another Muay Thai free watch and CH7 ring on Sunday. You can watch and take any photo for free and it’s more serious than MBK ring because it’s been televised with bigger prize.

    Ps. Your photo very nice.


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