We interrupt our normal programming …..

Rivetting TV ....not !

Rivetting TV ….not !

coup-1 So this is what a military coup d’état looks like !
Well, it finally happened …after bringing in martial law a couple of days ago the military have gone all the way and launched a coup. Apparently the generals “invited” all the leaders from pro and anti government protesters, the government and opposition, to more talks today and when once again they got nowhere they just detained them all and took over. Hopefully they put all the leaders in the same room so that they will have to talk !
(edit : just read in online news this quote : A military source said the leaders were told “we will keep you together until you understand and love each other” …LOL)
In the meantime all the Tv stations have been showing the same message, except for a few minutes of the usual royal news which is on every night. The free to air stations were first, then the cable TV channels later.

Pre-coup martial law media op yesterday

Pre-coup martial law media op yesterday

Bangkok is under curfew tonight, I just stuck my head out of the window and it is eerily quiet. Normally Bangkok never sleeps, but tonight the Skytrain (light rail system) shut down at 9pm as did the bar down at the market although the food stalls stayed open a bit later.
But nobody was fazed about it … mai pen rai as the locals say. I guess when you have had 18 coups in the last 80 years you get used to this sort of thing ! No doubt though that the US State Dept and other foreign governments will have their say about it tomorrow !
This cartoon was posted on writer Michael Yon’s Facebook page earlier today, before the coup, I don’t know where he got it from but it was rather apt at the time :

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