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Hey Canada, we are over here …Thailand not Taiwan

http://reader.metronews.ca/digital_launch.aspx?id=3744758e-2ee5-4c13-a052-56711bdbdc91 An extract from a Vancouver publication, whose editor needs to learn some geography. (page 14, so it’s obviously not important news LOL) Canada ? Where is that ?

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We interrupt our normal programming …..

So this is what a military coup d’état looks like ! Well, it finally happened …after bringing in martial law a couple of days ago the military have gone all the way and launched a coup. Apparently the generals “invited” … Continue reading

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Learning the lingo

Over the many years that I have been visiting Thailand I have met many farang who have been living here for some time, but could not speak more than a few phrases of the most basic of Thai, often picked … Continue reading

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How low can a “journalist” go ?

Andrew McGregor Marshall is a some-time journalist, some-time pen for hire often used as an expert on Thai politics by BBC, CNN, Reuters, even though his main job is writing PR for Thaksin Shinawatra’s lobbyist Robert Amsterdam so he is … Continue reading

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Shutdown Bangkok, Restart Thailand

The ongoing anti-government protests that I have written about before were stepped up a couple of weeks ago when the “Peoples Democratic Reform Committee” moved out of their previous base at Democracy Monument and spread across the city, taking over … Continue reading

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Thai protesters viewpoint in English

For anybody who is interested in the politics of the current protests this lady gave a speech in English at the main protest stage ( and later got a Molotov Cocktail thrown at her house)

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