What is red, green, hairy…… and delicious ?


Macro Rambutan

What is red, green, hairy, and delicious ? …Rambutans ! Or  เงาะ ( ngoh in Thai)

When I moved to Thailand I had ideas of eating healthily, with lots of tropical fruits everyday. Sad to say, that resolution did not last long. 😦

But Rambutans are in season and plentiful at the moment, although I think they are available just about all year the local supermarket has literally tables full of them at the moment at 27 baht/kg (less than a dollar) so I’ll have another go at being healthy and bought half a dozen for 7 baht, about 25¢ .



And then I thought “What the heck, if I’m going to be “healthy” I might as well fill my basket” and bought a bunch of lychees as they are also in season at the moment (24 baht for about 10), a couple of dragon fruit, and some mangosteens. Enough to keep me healthy and my stomach full for at least a couple of days, for about 75 baht, or $2.50 approx. Bargain ! 🙂
And what’s more, it gave me a reason to get out my macro lens and ring flash and do some close up macro photography.

Dragonfruit (or pitara), rambutans, lychees and mangosteen

Dragonfruit (or pitara), rambutans, lychees and mangosteen

So, healthy fresh tropical fruit full of vitamin C, and some edible photo props to fill in a couple of hours, for just over a couple of dollars .. you gotta love this place 🙂


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3 Responses to What is red, green, hairy…… and delicious ?

  1. CrazyGuyinThailand says:

    Yummy and funny cuz I just bought 3kg Rambutan and eating it right now.


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