A Bangkok photowalk …Khao San Road to the Flower Market

Most people would think that it is crazy to walk around Bangkok when transport is so cheap and readily available but I do like to walk around this town, and now that the weather is getting cooler and more settled that is exactly what I did yesterday.

#3 ? …no, I don’t think so !


I caught the river ferry up to Banglamphu and walked around the Khao San Road area for a while, then south past the Thammasat University and the amulet market, past the Grand Palace and Wat Pho around to the Pak Nam Talat flower market, probably about 4 or 5 kms in total I guess.






Nowadays Khao San road itself is just a long line souvenir stalls lining the pavement, so all the bars and restaurants along it just look at the back of a tent, and they all seemed empty. Most of the dining,drinking and people watching action is on nearby streets nowadays.

Try my delicious fried scorpions

Try my delicious fried scorpions

I don’t know if they were filming for a travel show or just a personal extravaganza but there were a couple of elderly Japanese being followed by several cameras and sound recordist. One of them was tempted by the fried scorpions but took a small mouthful and spat it out !



photowalkOct14-6 Between Thammasat University and the Maharaj pier is a street market mainly selling amulets and pictures of famous monks, but also false teeth and lingams among other knick knacks.





A stroll around the flower market, a cold drink while looking out over the river and it was time to catch the ferry back.

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