The price of progress

When I moved here two years ago, one of the reasons that I chose the On Nut area was the presence of the local night market. With plenty of food vendors and a couple of bars only 200 metres from my condo, it made a convenient and pleasant spot to spend an evening.

Hundreds of other people also think the same way, and the place is usually full most nights despite the fact that the roof leaks like a sieve and the place gets flooded whenever it rains hard, and despite the fact it must have one of the worst toilets in Bangkok Sad smile

Many an evening I have spent there with enjoyable company from all over the world, watching the sports or just talking BS and ribbing each other. It was the social hub of the local community, Thai and expat, a place for commuters to grab their evening meal on the way home, a hangout of ladyboys and an IRA member apparently on the run from UK police. To say nothing of being a great place for eye candy Smile

Sadly that will be no more after Friday 16th, as last week they gave the vendors 11 days notice to move out. Apparently Bangkok needs yet another shopping mall, despite the fact that there is already a large mall and department store over the road, another one less than a kilometre away, plus a brand new small mall about 2oo metres away and with the Skytrain right there to whisk shoppers downtown to Retail Central in minutes.

Bangkok, you are selling your soul to the devil……

About Mike

A recently retired "Baby Boomer" , looking forward to having more time for my photography and travel.
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