The “Asia Pacific Orchid Conference”

orchid show-15 I know that I am a bit late with this as it was on a couple of weeks ago but I have been busy with personal stuff lately and have not had time to download these and many more pics from my camera. But two weeks ago there was a big orchid show on out at Impact Exhibition Centre so I wandered way over the other side of town to have a look. One of the few things that I miss from Australia is my garden, where I used to dabble in growing orchids.

orchid show-13 Nothing too exotic or difficult to grow, but I did end up with nearly 100 plants either in the shadehouse or growing “wild” on trees in the garden.

The “Asia Pacific Orchid Conference” featured growers from Japan to Myanmar to Singapore, with displays of single plants, single blooms and large landscape displays.

There were hundreds of entries in the single plant competition alone, and there must have been many thousands of orchids used in the landscape display section.


All the close-ups were shot handheld, not an easy task with a macro lens ! I did have a tripod but was asked to put it away 😦 So there were a lot of out of focus rejects….

I was back out at Impact a few days later for the 2016 Motor Show, now to sort out the photos from that …..

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