Here’s looking at you…..

The internet speed here at our resort on Ko Lipe is not all that great, so I will not try and upload heaps of fishy photos for your enjoyment ….that can wait till we get back ! Besides that, there are a couple of fish that are new to me and I am not sure of their ID so will wait until I get home.

But here is just a few for the time being….



Close-up of a Hermit Crab hiding in his borrowed home


Can you see me ? …Stingray hiding in the sand.


One eyed bundle of spikes !


 Our first day here was cloudy and a bit wet but since then the days have been mainly sunny, but with a bit of thunder and lightning at night. After a week here it is off to Langkawi tomorrow morning,a fairly short trip by ferry into Malaysia. We will have 5 nights there, and then on to Penang for 3 nights before flying back to Bangkok. Looking forward to some Laksa ! I have been making the most of the opportunity to eat real southern thai food like Panang and mussaman curries that are sometimes hard to find in Bangkok, but the missus sticks to her somtam and sticky rice ….you can take a girl out of Issan but not change her diet !

About Mike

A recently retired "Baby Boomer" , looking forward to having more time for my photography and travel.
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