Catch up time – a Bangkok photo walk

We have been back from our trip down south for a while now but I have n’t had time to download and go through the hundreds of photos and videos until now, what with the Songkran holiday recently and life in general ….was it John Lennon who said “Life is what happens while you make other plans” (or something like that). No doubt there will be lots of photos from above and below water to come but just to keep some sort of chronological order this post is about something else ….
Anyhow, the weekend before we headed off down to Ko Lipe I went on a photowalk with the “Bangkok Photographers” Facebook group in the Bang Kho Laem district, just off Charoen Krung road near the Asiatique complex. This was the 60th walk of the group, but the first that I had been on, coincidentally 60 photographers turned up !


It is a culturally mixed community, accessed by narrow alleys and paths, some barely wide enough for a motorbike, a world apart from the Sathorn business district only a few kilometers away. After each walk the organisers ask everybody to submit around 10 of their best photos and then publish an online magazine. They do ask people not to post those pics anywhere else until it is published, so I could n’t inflict mine on the world before I went away. 🙂

The group includes some pro and semi-pro photographers as well as many skilled amateurs, so I was rather pleased to see 7 of mine considered good enough !

The full issue can be read here.

According to my phone GPS we walked about 2.5kms, over a leisurely 3 hours or so, before returning to Charoen Krung road near Asiatique, where some of us had lunch at a nearby food court. After that I strolled down to the Protestant Cemetery nearby, where many of the early western missionaries and adventurers are buried.

The graves include that of Admiral Sir John Bush, the first harbour master of Bangkok, who served 2 kings of Siam, and nearby that of his son George who also served as the Royal Harbourmaster ….but I do wonder at the choice of a skull and crossbones on his memorial. A bit of piracy on the side perhaps ?


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