It’s different up the front end !

It’s going to be hard to travel cattle class again after yesterdays flight !

Just the entree

Just the entree

Travelling business class was so different that I almost felt I was on another aeroplane. Starting with the priority boarding, then once I had turned left and gone upstairs I was greeted with a wai, and a hot towel as soon as I was seated, then offered a choice of champagne or orange juice ….10.15am was a bit too early for bubbly so I went for the juice. After takeoff we were given the menu and wine list ….it was a good thing I had not eaten the free breakfast at the lounge. The feast started with cocktail Beef Kebabs, then the entrée of Smoked Salmon and Seared Scallops with salad in the photo above ( a rather poor one taken with my crappy phone camera).
Then we had a choice of four main courses …Pan-fried Lamb, Barbequed Pork, Chicken Pa-naeng or Roast Perch. The chicken is my favourite Thai dish, but I went for the lamb as I thought it was probably my last chance to eat lamb for a while. Then it was cheese and fruits, before having to find room for the dessert, a rather yummy cheesecake.
yummy !

yummy !

And of course all this was served on proper crockery, with proper cutlery, and a starched tablecloth ! And washed down with your choice of wine ….not just red or white, but from about 8 different wines. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten so much for lunch, all I could manage from the second meal 4 hours later was the fruit and chocolate (there is always room for chocolate!).
I don’t know about the rest of the plane, but the upper business class section was only half full, so not only did I have all the extra legroom but also an empty seat next to me. So, so different to all those trips in cramped economy class ! Sydney check-in had given me an express pass through outbound passport control which was not needed because there was no queue, unlike immigration at Bangkok …lines of people zigzagging everywhere, then being redirected to another line just as they get near the front of their queue. Eventually I’m at the front, get my visa stamped and photo taken, grab my bags and I’m off through customs and out of the terminal into town …Bangkok, I’m here !

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A recently retired "Baby Boomer" , looking forward to having more time for my photography and travel.
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2 Responses to It’s different up the front end !

  1. Wow… Thanks for giving us an insight – I doubt I’ll ever travel business class lol!


    • Mike says:

      It will be a long, long time before I do again ! With all my frequent flyer miles it only cost me a few hundred dollars to buy the extra miles needed …. with all my luggage the excess baggage fees would probably have been more expensive.


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